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PiQo4 Laser Depigmentation Promotion
PiQo4 Laser Depigmentation Promotion

What is PiQo4?

PiQo4 Laser Depigmentation Promotion

Pi = PICO Laser

(1,000,000,000,000 per second)

PiQo4 Laser Depigmentation Promotion

Qo = Nano Q-Switch Laser

(1,000,000,000 per second))

PiQo4 Laser Depigmentation Promotion

4 = 4 wavelengths
for different depth

PiQo4 Laser Depigmentation Promotion

6 major efficacies


Repel Various Types of Pigmentation


Collagen Regeneration


Even Skin Tone


Refine Coarse Pores


Smooth Out Acne Scars


Remove Small Tattoos

6 strongest advantages

  • 1

    Most Thorough

    • It can target any colour spot consisting of large and small pigment particles.
    • The large particle pigment is broken after 1-2 nanoseconds of treatment; the picosecond laser can play its signature role, shattering particles into a dust state.
    • It is easier to eliminate the spot by drainage.
  • 2

    Most Effective

    • Combine picoseconds and nanoseconds with the "double pulse" advantage, which can cope with different shades or skin types.
    • Counteract the instability caused by overheating to receive the greatest effect with a minimum number of treatments.
  • 3


    • The picosecond duration of the PiQo4 is 13 times shorter than that of a conventional laser, and the time it takes for energy to stay on the skin is extremely short without damaging the skin tissue.
    • Quick skin recovery; the skin will return to normal soon after treatment.
  • 4

    Most Accurate

    • Clinical experience shows that stains can be hidden at different layers of the skin at the same time.
    • PiQo4 has 4 different wavelengths: 1064nm, 650nm, 585nm, and 532nm.
    • Calibrated to bring the fastest and most perfect results.
  • 5

    Spot Removal Technology with Fastest Result

    • PiQo4 can drive higher energy directly into the skin with a picosecond speed, shattering stubborn stains.
    • In particular, treatment of hormonal spots (which cannot be treated with an overheated laser) is twice as effective as the traditional laser.
  • 6

      Most Suitable for Asians Skin Colour

    • The most suitable is on 1064nm wavelengths.
    • The apex of hemoglobin absorption is about 700nm-755nm, so it can avoid redness, inflammation and “anti-black” phenomenon of the skin.
    • Can accurately and directly be absorbed by melanin to achieve the best depigmentation and whitening effect.
PiQo4 Laser Depigmentation Promotion

1 Machine Solution, Significant Effect

  • ✓ Freckles
  • ✓ Various old and new tattoos
  • ✓ Sunburn
  • ✓ Hormonal
  • ✓ Chloasma
  • ✓ Birthmark
  • ✓ Post-inflammatory
  • ✓ Pigmentation
  • ✓ Dark dull skin
  • ✓ Rough skin
  • ✓ Large pores
  • ✓ Deep skin rejuvenation/profile relaxation
  • ✓ Various old and new tattoos

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