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Global High Protection SPF 50 PA+++

A new generation high protection cream formulated with 100% mineral filters and advanced anti-photoaging active ingredients, rendering this an essential daily care for all urbanites. The cutting-edge UVA and UVB mineral filters offer the ultimate shield from daily sun exposure, preventing any undesirable effects from the harmful rays. An extract of deep-sea microorganism developed through biotechnology protects the skin's DNA and acts against environmental pollution and solar-induced ageing. This helps prevent premature onset of lines, dark spots and increases the skin water reservoir. The ultra-smooth texture leaves the skin luminous, flawless and hydrated throughout the whole day. Highly recommended to be used on any exposed areas as part of the day care regime, and see the skin becoming for youthful day by day.


Apply before makeup. Spread sufficient product evenly over the skin to ensure proper coverage. Under continuous sun exposure reapplication is recommended.

Product size: 30ml
Retail price: HK$480