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Laser hair removal has been a signature treatment of Bella Marie France over many years. The Diode Laser system (Lumenis DES805nm, EC800nm) is one of our leading cutting-edge technologies that are US FDA approved and Harvard Dermatological Academe of permanency effect. Using the melanin of the hair shaft as a conduit, Diode Laser safely and accurately penetrates the hair follicles and disables growth. Generally, 6 sessions are required over the hair growth cycle to achieve 80-98% successful hair reduction permanency rate*. According to clinical tests conducted by the Harvard Institute of Dermatology, as long as the laser energy is sufficient, plus long-term hair growth, taking the underarm as an example, 1 treatment effectively removes 20-30% of the black hair#, the most suitable for Asians to use.

Applicable parts:
  • face
  • upper lip
  • leg
  • underarm
  • arm
  • abdomen
  • shoulders
  • back
  • bikini line
  • Safety and reliability comes from the experience and professional training of medical staff and licensed laser therapists, with advanced international laser equipment.
  • With wavelength options (800nm, 805nm, 810nm, 1064nm) hair follicle disablement is improved. There’s no downtime after treatment.
  • The exclusive “Sapphire Frozen WaferTM” is equipped with a stable freezing temperature setting of 4°C to protect the skin and relieve uncomfortable feelings and pains during hair removal to prevent sensation and burns.
  • Convenient and quick, the time required is usually very short; the underarm or the bikini line, for example can be treated in about 15 minutes.

*According to the US FDA's definition of "permanent hair removal," it means permanently reducing or terminating hair growth after a certain number of times or cycles.
#According to different ethnicities, skin texture, hair pigment, coarseness and quantity, effectiveness varies according to different sites or individual conditions.

Diode (BMF Laser) N.D. YAG
(Long Pulse)
Alexandrite IPL
Wavelenght 800, 805, and 810 nm are better absorbed by the melanin of hair follicles, less absorbed by skin heme, and the skin returns to normal and safer 1064nm ideal for deep hair follicles and dark skin 755nm is easily absorbed by skin and hair melanin, which may cause skin irritation and irritation 590-1200nm spectrum is astigmatism, the best absorption is only in the skin surface layer, failed to effectively destroy the deep hair follicle
Applying hair Fine to Dense Fine to Normal Fine to Normal Fine to Normal
Suitable for skin color Asians and dark brown foreigners All skin colors and darker races White Asian and Caucasian White Asian and Caucasian
Freezing Exclusive "Sapphire Frozen WafersTM" and Frozen Gels to keep the optimal temperature at 4°C and moisturize the skin N/A Freezing air, keep distance from the skin, unstable freezing effect Frozen gel, lack of continuous freezing effect
Skin reaction Reddish, slightly paralysis anaesthesia burning, redness Painful, reddish Painful, Paralysis reddish

*Results will depend on individual skin type

Precautions before treatment:
  • In general the treatment is applicable to every client. Certain illnesses or skin conditions may make treatment inadvisable, as advised on initial consultation.
  • 4 to 6 weeks before the treatment, customers need to avoid direct sunshine because darkened skin will cause poor results or unexpected reactions during the treatment.
  • If necessary, please apply sun protection cream with SPF 50 or above on the specific body part for treatment.
  • Whitening dark skin 4 weeks before the treatment.
  • Do not remove or pull off hair with hot wax 6 weeks before the treatment; if necessary, shave off hair with razor.
  • Reduce infection chance on specific body part of past herpes with preventive drugs before the treatment.
  • If you have the following conditions, please consult BMF’s professional consultants before the treatment:
    • More than 6 weeks ago bask in the sun, but the skin is still black
    • Discomfort during receiving any laser treatment in the past
    • Scar protrusion after the injury
    • Inflammation due to pigment variation
    • In the pregnancy or ready for pregnancy
    • Using Accutaine or Retin-A recently within 2 weeks
    • Taking medicine within the week
    • Medicine allergy
    • Skin allergy or skin disease in the past on treatment area
    • Changing habit in taking medicine