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HIFU x Fasciology(HIFU Fasc)

HIFU Fasc is a unique treatment that acts as an advanced version of HIFU that is comparable in performance to traditional surgical plastic surgery. The HIFU instrument (Ultraformer III) combines the fasciology to enhance results. It targets the precise location and depth of the muscle fibre and fat distribution to help remodel the facial contour. Compared with HIFU, results are more significant. Quadruple skin remodeling to deal with different ageing problems.

  • Loose Skin Contour
  • Skin Loosening
  • Baggy / Droopy Eyes
  • Smile Wrinkles / Forehead Lines
  • Fatty Face / Uneven Face-shape
  • Unbalanced Eyebrows
  • Double Chin
  • Sustained results, most suitable for busy urbanites
  • No downtime. Daily life can be resumed immediately
  • Immediate results after treatment, even better after 1 week.
  • The additional effect of Fasciology merged with HIFU allows the right energy to target the right Fascia site beneath the skin to deliver lift-up and rejuvenation