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Venus Legacy Dark Circles Remover

Venus Legacy dark circles remover eye treatment uses the most advanced RF-plus-magnetic pulse technology available. Through vari-multipolar technology, it comfortably enters the cell layer of the skin at 15-20mm below the dermis. It also activates capillary angiogenesis to provide more moisture and oxygen to cells. The treatment enhances blood circulation, instantly improving dark circles and edema under the eyes, and dull eyes. Recognised by FDA and European CE certification.

  • Black eye
  • Eye muscle ageing
  • Dark eyes
  • Swollen/droopy eye bags
  • Surrounding eye pattern
  • The whole course of treatment is safe and comfortable. Since the magnetic frequency is a multi-pole design, it does not need a loop device and is suitable for anyone.
  • Tenderising the eye muscles at the same time, it can relieve eye fatigue.
  • The treatment only takes 10 minutes, the effect is usually immediately apparent.
  • Long-acting, magnetic frequency can cause stromal cells to release fibroblast growth factor (FGF-2) and directly replenish lost collagen.