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Youth 4R Skin Regenerated

Youth 4R refers to Refining, Re-whitening, Rehydration, and Rejuvenation. It uses 4 target elements, including hyaluronic acid HA, Mandelic Acid, and pure placenta extract with fascial massage to retard the ageing process and promote a youthful appearance, The one-and-a-half hour treatment is a relaxing and effective journey towards refreshed and radiant skin and the tightening of facial muscles.

  • Dark complexion/ Tired skin
  • Dry lines
  • Thick pores
  • Blemish marks
  • Outline Puffiness/relaxation
  • Eye bags
  • Deep-dermis dehydration
  • High-concentration H.A. needle-free injection for long-lasting moisturizing.
  • The precious Mandelic Acid dissolves deeper keratin, neutralizes melanin, and instantly clears the skin.
  • Pure Placenta Essence repairs damaged cells, precious nutrition to every cell.
  • Fascia massage, relaxes the fascia and tightens the muscles, instantly relieve soreness and improve circulation, tighten eye bags and contours.
  • Suitable for all skin types, particular when signs of disrepair are apparent.