Sisley Choi
Actress and Brand Ambassador
Actress Sisley Choi, BMF brand ambassador since 2024, entrusts her complete body care to BMF, from facials, body sculpting to hair removal. BMF's three-step slimming program, "Detox, Fat Reduction, Muscle Building," is her Keep Fit secret.
Jessica Hsuan
Actress and Brand Ambassador
Since 2002, Jessica Hsuan has been a prestigious client and beauty ambassador for BMF, entrusting her skincare to us. The flagship NQ Laser is her secret for flawless and ageless skin.
Spoon Chan
Influencer and Brand Ambassador
Spoon Chan, the HK-Indonesian mixed-race influencer, joined BMF in 2023 as the Asia-Pacific Slimming Ambassador. Her favorite treatment, CFU Body Lifting, has already shown remarkable results in reducing arm fat after a single session.
Andrea So
CFU Face and Body Lifting treatment is her favourite BMF treatment. After one session, she has already observed the tightening and firming effects. Regular maintenance sessions are essential!
Aurora Li
She was delighted with the effectiveness of Fotona Eye Bag Laser in reducing eye bags, fine lines, and dark circles. CFU Body Lifting treatment enables her to achieve speedy weight loss and fat reduction, ensuring a toned physique.
Emily Szemei
She was troubled by neck lines but feared the pain associated with treatments. However, she found CFU Neck Tightening Treatment to be comfortable. After completing the treatment and receiving a Skin Exosome Facial, her skin quickly repairs and becomes deeply moisturized.
Hau Tung
She undergoes CFU Face Lifting treatment, with one session providing instant V-shaped face results, effectively addressing concerns like droopy eyelids, wrinkles, and, importantly, double chin and neck lines.
Jennifer Yu
CFU Face Lifting treatment is part of her skincare regimen! The treatment is quick and comfortable, resulting in a firmer and enhanced facial contour. Her skin becomes resilient and radiant, ensuring she is always ready for photo shoots and work.
Judy Kwong
She completed 2 sessions of Fotona intraoral laser treatment, and her smile lines have significantly diminished. She also enjoys CFU Body Lifting and Indiba lymphatic detox, which help her achieve a slimmer physique for the new drama.
Ruby Ho
CFU Body Lifting treatment is her go-to for "pre-wedding shaping," effectively toning her arms and thighs. She recommends it to brides-to-be who seek noticeable results in a short time.
Sarika Choy
TV Host
After CFU Face and Body Lifting treatments, her cheeks and apple cheeks are instantly lifted, and her body lines become more firm. She is highly satisfied with the results.
Serene Lim
After CFU Face Lifting and Neck Tightening treatment, her skin regains vibrancy and firmness, with minimal pain. She genuinely loves this treatment!
Tiffany Fabienne Kwan
After CFU Face and Body Lifting treatments, she finds them more comfortable than HIFU. Targeting the chin, neck, and arms, she achieves the desired firming effect, enhancing her appearance on camera!
Tiffany Lau
It was her first time trying CFU Face Lifting treatment, and the jawline lifting effect was evident, improving the tightness and smoothness of her skin. The comfortable environment at BMF allowed her to relax and enjoy the beauty treatment, despite her busy schedule.
Press Feature
13 Popular Recommended Slimming and Body Contouring Spa Treatments
BMF's latest CFU Ultima treatment utilizes ultrasound energy and innovative methods to target and improve excess fat and stubborn adipose tissue in various areas, including upper arms, bra line, waist, abdomen, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, and calves. It also stimulates collagen regeneration, tightens body contours, reduces subcutaneous fat, and enhances curves.
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Recommended Facial Beauty Salons: HK Beauty Treatments with Transparent Pricing & Positive Reviews Compilation
BMF is the result of the merger of Bella Skin Care, the first skincare centre in HK to introduce laser hair removal, and Marie France Bodyline the pioneer of body contouring in HK since 1986. Their latest update introduces CFU Ultima, a non-invasive treatment using ultrasound energy to improve wrinkles, double chin, sagging cheeks, and combat waistline fat.
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BMF's innovative facial and body care treatments provide you with an all-in-one beauty and body sculpting experience!
BMF continuously innovates, offering customers innovative facial and body care treatments. Their “Laser Total Solution" combines skincare, body shaping, and laser hair removal. The "NQ Laser" targets stubborn spots, improving skin tone, promoting collagen production, and tightening pores for a firm, bright complexion.
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Leading One-stop Beauty Gym BMF
BMF has gained attention with the launch of their new Blue Diamond Revive Facial Treatment and Eye Revatalift Eye Treatment. These treatments combat aging, activate skin regeneration, and nourish the skin for upcoming social events. BMF also offers exciting promotions.
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Three Solutions for Dry Skin Emergency
BMF's Pure HA Oxygen Facial Treatment  combines pure hyaluronic acid and pure oxygen, making it suitable for oily, dehydrated, acne-prone, and sensitive skin. It quickly soothes redness, moisturizes skin cells, and simultaneously strengthens the skin's protective barrier.
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SOS for Dry and Dull Skin Before and After Christmas Parties: 3 Recommended Facial Beauty Treatments
To combat dryness and sensitivity during the autumn and winter seasons, BMF introduces two revolutionary facial care treatments: "Skin Exosome Therapy" and "Medical Repair Treatment." These treatments fully hydrate and nourish the skin, helping everyone effortlessly combat various skin problems that arise from seasonal transitions.
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Valentine's Day Gift Recommendations | BMF "Show Her You Care" Gift Box
The flagship skincare products in the BMF "Show Her You Care" gift box are the ultimate anti-aging treasures that beauty enthusiasts cannot resist. BMF's signature anti-aging serum, "Intense Age-Defying Serum," contains collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, which help improve uneven skin tone and smooth out wrinkles. When used with the silky "Intense Age-Defying Cream," enriched with potent herbs and plant ingredients, it revitalizes the skin, restoring its radiance and youthful glow.
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Christmas Gift Recommendation: BMF Elixir Prestige Series
BMF's flagship skincare oil, "22 Booster Oil," effectively restores the lipid distribution of healthy skin at the age of 22 and enhances moisturization and water retention during dry and sensitive seasons. The "Elixir Platinum Serum" contains four top-notch, highly active ingredients that invigorate the skin from within, radiating vitality. The lightweight "Elixir Lotion" combines herbal complexes and plant-derived active ingredients to restore stability and health to the skin.
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Step into the New Year with these unisex luxury grooming sets
Beauty expert BMF has unveiled a few offerings for Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day. We are loving the Gift Him Your Love set, which consists of Triple Action Cleanser, Restorative HA Cream Sebo Control Ampoule, are products that cleanse the skin, brighten the complexion, and repair the skin, respectively.
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BMF is leading the medical beauty industry with a new brand slogan
BMF's self-developed skincare products, equivalent to salon-grade quality, are specifically designed to provide comprehensive care for every beauty enthusiast. Two new facial care products have been developed to enhance the effectiveness of the CFU Ultima treatment. "Intense Age-Defying Serum" and "Intense Age-Defying Cream" showcase a youthful radiance.
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Christmas Gift Recommendations | 50+ Practical Gift Exchange Options
The Home Care Set introduced by BMF, an all-in-one beauty center, is designed to maintain optimal skin condition even at home. This set includes the "Intense Age-Defying Serum," an anti-aging serum enriched with collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid to effectively enhance skin brightness and refinement. The set also features the "Intense Age-Defying Cream," which helps keep the skin soft and radiantly youthful.
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Skincare Oil Recommendations 2024 | 20+ Effective and Affordable Beauty Oils
Looking to experience the skincare treatment of a beauty salon at home? You may consider getting the "22 Booster Oil" designed by the all-in-one beauty and body shaping center, BMF. This skincare oil is formulated with herbal plant lipids, which help strengthen the skin barrier, enhance skin hydration, and improve moisture retention, ultimately restoring a youthful and delicate complexion.
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