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Venus Legacy Advance Body Shaper

Fat accumulates in different parts of the body and spreads over different depths under the skin. Venus Legacy deep fat reduction has vari-pulse technology with diathermy making it different from the general unipolar or bipolar radio frequency (RF) treatments. It targets sub-dermal fatty layers at 20mm, 27.5mm and 42.5mm, with one million times per second output (1MHz). This treatment uses the pulse-vibration which leads to fat cell reduction, diminished fat thickness and body reshaping. Simultaneously this treatment will also promote collagen for improving stretch marks.

  • Loose of Face and Neck
  • Stretch Marks / Postpartum Residual Fat
  • Cellulite
  • Double Chins
  • Loose of Back
  • Edema
  • The safest and deepest fat penetration treatment on the market. This treatment is suitable for people with edema-type obesity.
  • Repels subcutaneous fat, improves cellulite, eliminates stubborn fat; comfortable procedure.
  • Skin tightening and reshaping, postpartum improvement like stretch marks, loose skin and deep wrinkles.
  • Improves the body circulation system, poor blood and lymphatic circulation.