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Advanced Medicell Fat Reduction

Specially designed to tackle dense stubborn fat, advanced Medicell treatment uses low frequency ultrasound to create a micro-cavitation effect between adipocyte fluids to destroy the fat cell membrane. The fat cells are broken and the triglyceride in the cells is emulsified and dissolved. It is then discharged through the lymphatic system for natural elimination. This slimming treatment breaks up stubborn cellulite to reduce the fat of whole body or local area. It is painless, safe and reliable.

  • Whole Body / Local Area fat
  • Cellulite
  • Waist and Belly Fat
  • Fat Calf and Thigh
  • Fat Buttocks
  • Fat Neck
  • Breaks up stubborn fat thoroughly, targeting cellulite; can also accelerate the reduction of fat with HIFU treatment.
  • Painless, no recovery period.
  • Effective for whole body or local areas, gives a curvier shape.
  • Particularly suitable for waist, thighs, upper arms and buttocks.