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BodyTonic Treatment

Detoxification is the first step for weight loss. The BodyTonic treatment has a unique body heating method. BodyTonic’s ingredients can infiltrate the subcutaneous waste system after absorption and be disposed of through the lymphatic system. Sweat will surface in various colours, showing the source of toxins, so as to understand individual dietary habits. The key to the procedure is the thermostatic blanket that causes the body temperature to rise to 43 degrees to ensure the formula works. It is the ideal, effective booster for those wanting a trimmer body shape and feeling of well-being.

  • Edema
  • Difficulty Sweating
  • VLymphatic Blockage
  • Muscle Ache
  • Dull Skin Tone
  • Acne (Face and Back)
  • Accelerate fat metabolism, burn fat and drain away, improve over-weight problems.
  • Activates new cell formation, strengthens the body, removes accumulated toxins and boosts fat loss.
  • Helps break down stubborn fats, repair body contours, make skin firmer and more elastic; effectively consolidate slimming effects, prevent rebound.
  • The clinical demonstration improved 85% of the spleen, 80% of the fibrosis, and 90% of the muscle soreness. The effect was significant.